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How We Do Things

We work with hosting providers and have formed relationships with Hosts from all over the globe, this allows us to get malicious content removed in the shortest time possible. All hosts have their own terms and conditions, along with internal procedures for dealing with abuse on their networks. Knowing what these processes are and knowing how best to communicate with the host is critical to getting a response.

Site Contacts
We use a number of different techniques to reach out to and to speak with Site Owners, Administrators and Site Designers. If the site has not been setup for fraudulent use then a site contact can be the best way to have content removed. However if the site has been setup for fraudulent use, contacting a site contact can be detrimental to any take down, knowing when and who to contact is an important part of any take down.

Internet Authorities
Working with internet regulators around the globe, we are able to stay in touch with current trends, along with informing them of reoccurring or problem sites that should be de-registered. Similar to hosting providers, dealing with internet authorities can be tricky, and knowing which internet authority that you need to speak with can sometimes be confusing.

Browser Manufacturers
Most browser manufacturers offer content filtering in their software. When they are notified about abusive content, they are able to block that content from appearing in their browsers. We work with browser manufacturers to notify them about malicious content that we are aware off, helping minimise the impact to customers with all the major browsers.

Law Enforcement
When the time calls for it, we have worked with local law enforcement to have the malicious content removed. When we are notified about malicious content, we conduct analysis on the content to assess what type of attack it is, who is conducting the attack, where it is located and whether it is part of a broader attack. If required we can provide this information to Law enforcement agencies should the matter need to be escalated due to legal complications.

Site TakeDown provides a basic level of monitoring for fraud and brand abuse targeting your brand, depending on the subscription level.

The internet is forever changing and growing, to stay ahead of the curve you need to be aware of these changes as they happen. To make sure we are able to locate the attacks as they happen, we have created some sophisticated algorithms that search through the internet looking for malicious content for our clients.

These algorithms do all the hard work, siphoning through all the cat pics and wacky videos to find the content targeting your brand. Once it has located this information, it is validated by our security experts; to make sure you see only the information that is relevant to you.

Malicious Content
The Internet is a big place. You are sure to come across malicious content yourself that Site Takedown’s basic level of monitoring has not detected. When this happens, send the URL to our security analysts using our customer portal and we will set about assessing and enforcing your rights on any malicious content.