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Who We Are

It can be hard for smaller businesses that only see a handful of attacks each year aimed at their brands. Large takedown firms charge expensive contract fees and require contracts, which makes it hard for the smaller business/firms to protect themselves against abuse. This leaves those businesses in the dark to fend for themselves, however that doesn’t have to be the case. Site Takedown is here to help you manage your online presence and help you fight against abuse aimed at your business.

Site Takedown has been in operation for over 10 years, working with companies around the globe to help them protect and manage their brands. Site Takedown was created to service small to medium sized business, to help you look after an manage your brand on the internet.

For small and medium side businesses it can be a little lonely when it comes to dealing with Brand Abuse, Phishing, Social Media Impersonation and Fake Mobile Applications. Knowing where to start can be the first step towards having content removed. Site Takedown has been taking malicious content down for over 10 years now, we have found the best ways to get malicious content removed as quickly as possible.

We make it easy. We will assess your query to determine whether it is abusing your brand, from there we will handle having the content removed. From contacting site owners, hosts to legal authorities we will take care of it all. Contact us and we will assist you with taking down malicious content, no matter where around the globe you or the offender is based.