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Take Down Service

The take down service comes with all of our packages, and as the name suggest this covers the take down of malicious content relating to your brand.

Take downs can be performed for the following types of abuse: Phishing, Brand Abuse, Social Media Impersonations and Fake Mobile Applications (Depending on the Subscription level). Once the malicious content has been provided, our security experts will review the content to ensure it falls under your package and that it contains malicious content that can be taken down.

Once the content has been deemed malicious by our team they will set about having the content removed. Depending on what type of abuse has been reported, will depend on what our team needs to do to have the content removed. This could range from contacting site owners, to hosts and even internet authorities to inform them about the malicious content.

If your package comes with a Service Level Agreement (SLA), should the Site Takedown take longer than the SLA time,we will refund you the credit for that take down.

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All packages come with at least one take down credit. You can also purchase additional take down credits at any time.

One credit entitles you to one take down. This could be used across any of the services offered underneath your account. For instance, Site Ranger offers you one take down credit, which can be used to take down either content covering Phishing or Brand Abuse.

Once we have had the content removed, the incident will be closed. However if the content returns under the same attack, we will reopen the incident and continue on with our take down. Should the attack return, but be different (different host, IP, type, etc.) then this will be a new incident.

Note: Trademark information may be required for some takedown services.