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Keyword Management

We use a number of different techniques to search the internet to look for malicious content, directed at your business. Keywords are one of the techniques that we use, and if you sign up for Site Marshall you will be able to add a keyword to your brand search. This will be used for domain name monitoring, along with all content entering our feeds, so that we can search for malicious content that is directed at your brand.

The keyword can be anything you want, if you have a product that you would like to protect on the market, then adding that product in to the keyword manager will help us protect that product. If you would like to protect your business brand, then adding your company name or domain into the keyword management system will help us check for your brand/business.

We use a number of different tools to search using keywords to make sure we can find as much malicious content as possible. Everything from simple exact word searches to pattern matches and partial matching. This allows us to find as much as possible, once we have located all the possible options; we assess each item to see whether it is relevant to you and your business. Sorting all the information into relevance and probability, you can then go through and select what you would like us to take down for you.

Protect Your Brand

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Keyword searching is an effective tool when looking through domain names that have just been created. New domains are unlikely to have content on them, so searching the page content is not very effective. We use keywords to look through the thousands of domains that are created every day to assess whether it could be a potential threat to your brand and business.

Whether it may have been setup for fraudulent or malicious intent, or whether the domain has been setup for typo-squatting, we flag the domains that could potentially damage your brand so that they can be monitored for future activity.