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Source Code Protection

Source Code protection is a way of protecting the code that is used to setup your website. Making a copy of your code is the first step to setting up a malicious site targeted at your business. Source Code Protection allows us to monitor if your website source code has been copied and published on another site to launch an attack. We will be immediately notified about the attack through Source Code Protection; allowing us to take action immediately.

When you sign up for source code protection, you will be given the tools needed to setup source code protection on your website. Once this has been added to your website, any future copies of your site will be immediately identified. So should your website surface somewhere else; we will be able to take action immediately.

Source Code Protection is how we fend off the malicious content as it happens, and it sometimes allows us to get the content removed before the attack has been sent out in mass to your customers.

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Source Code Protection helps us detect when someone makes a copy of your website. This means we are able to locate and take action on the attack as it happens, rather than waiting for content to be sent to your customers.

Source Code Protection once installed on your website, will detect all future copies of you websites source code.