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DNS Monitoring

DNS is what directs browsers to your website via an IP address. If your DNS is hacked and modified, your website traffic could be redirected to a different location, without you or your customers knowing.

This is where DNS monitoring comes in. When you sign up, we will check your website and take a copy of your DNS IP.

We will then begin to monitor your DNS and should we notice that your DNS has changed, we will notify you about the change. If the change has occurred without your knowledge, then you are able to take the necessary actions to get your DNS back. Minimising any chances that your customers are caught out by the change in DNS.

Protect Your Brand

Sign-up to one of our affordable plans today and let us protection your online brand.


When you sign up for DNS Monitoring we will request some information from you regarding your DNS. Once we have this information we will be able to begin monitoring your DNS for changes.

Should your DNS change, you will be notified by email that there has been a change to the DNS. This will let you take action against the change if you need to.