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Domain Name Monitoring

New domain names are always being created. Whether intentionally or not there are times when a domain name is registered that is similar to another domain. If it is similar to your domain name, this is when Domain Name Monitoring comes in.

Domain Name Monitoring will search through the list of all new domain names (thousands every day) and see if any of them match against your domain name. If we find anything that could be misleading for your customers, or have been setup fraudulently; we can notify you about this domain name.

From there we are able to monitor the new domain to see if it has been setup to host a fraudulent version of your website, or used for typo-squatting. Depending on what the domain is being used for, depends on whether action can be taken or what action can be taken. If you believe any of the domain names infringe on your brand, then we can assess the domain name to see whether it would fall under Phishing, Brand Abuse, Social Media or Mobile Apps.

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We receive lists of new domains from all around the globe. This allows us to search for domains that appear for any country or for .com domains.

Scanning through these lists will return any new domains that match or that are similar to our clients. Once a domain has been flagged it is checked by our team, who make the final call about whether or not the domain could potentially be used fraudulently or if it has the potential to conflict with your brand.

With all the domains that we scan, we will continually monitor all the domains that are flagged to assess whether or not it has content on the domain. If the domain is blank, it can be hard to have the domain removed. Once the domain contains content, it is easy to assess whether the domain can be removed or not.